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Chromium, a foundation for excellent health and athletic performance.

Really quick post today so not to bore you on the benefits for chromium. A dear friend and colleague of mine were chatting on trace minerals in diet and how it so obviously not on the radar of so many Americans. We agreed that chromium was super important for over all heath and optimal athletic performance. After that talk I jotted down some notes and it turned into this short post.

Chromium Picolinate is a mineral found in low doses in many foods. It plays a role in the metabolism of nutrients through its impact on the hormone insulin. There are several types of chromium(some toxic) and chromium picolinate is the form we want. It is the form exclusively used by Legit Supplements because of its high bio-availability relative other forms for chromium. Several other forms are safe, but not all that effective.

Chromium has some super benefits at the correct amount (Legit’s Mulitvitamin has the amount you need daily) taken daily.  Basically, it works with your body to control insulin and blood sugar levels. Therefore it can help build lean muscle tissue and reduce body fat deposits. Chromium does have a direct impact on hunger and reduces cravings/binges.

In my opinion, Chromium picolinate should not be considered a “diet supplement”. It should be referred to as a “healthy life supplement”. Basically, it is a necessary part of the foundation of excellent health and good fitness. In order to have a positive impact chromium picolinate must be taken daily and for the long haul. That reason alone is precisely why it is included in our multivitamin.

Eat right, Stay Healthy & Stay Legit.

Strictly opinion and not medical advice. Consult your doctor, pharmacist and/or nutritionist before starting/stopping any supplement or exercise program

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