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Multivitamins… What’s in them, how do we make them and why it all matters.

In a perfect world we would all have a custom multivitamin that was tailored to our specific needs for optimum health. Well, clearly I am not living in a perfect world. What is second best you ask? The best available to everyday people is a potent & balanced formula that is made with bio-availability in mind. That means the formula is strong and its ingredients are easily absorbed by the body.
Nutshell: Legit multivitamins are capsules for a good reason. Capsules allow us maintain the integrity of the high quality ingredients you deserve.  All else equal, capsules are superior to tablets and caplets in the wild and crazy world of Multivitamins. For those who would like a little bit of a deeper dive; let’s look at a specific example to illustrate what this is all about.
Let’s use vitamin E as an example of how and why the delivery matters. It is more the manufacturing than the delivery.  Vitamin E is an oil which is broken down by high heat and/or high pressure. In order to smash all the ingredients together to fit in a “one a day” tablet or caplet the press uses extremely high heat and pressure. This heat and pressure “cooks” the Vitamin E. Sure the ingredient is in there, but the body has no ability to use it in its new unstable form.  Imagine what that process does to herbs or fruit/vegetable ingredients!
   Best to stick with a known entity. Stick with Legit Multivitamins(two capsules a day)… We start with high quality ingredients.  Blended and prepared using proper manufacturing standards. Those ingredients are then lovingly placed into plant cellulose based capsules. This delivers the best to you in the highest, most available potency.
In closing… read your labels. Look for comprehensive formulas like ours. If you determine a liquid multivitamin is best for you and for some they are for sure… make sure to shake it well before each serving, it will effect every serving you take from that bottle. Some brands have far too many ingredients at too low levels to be effective and some have too few ingredients overall. There is one drugstore brand with a pathetically small amount of ingredients that I saw described as having more “nones” than a convent on a chart comparing different brands. Made me laugh having been sent to Catholic high school way back when… so far back, mullets were just getting popular in the 1980’s.
Take your multi, Stay Healthy & Stay Legit.
Strictly opinion and not medical advice. Consult your doctor, pharmacist and/or nutritionist before starting/stopping any supplement or exercise program

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