Simple. High-quality. Legit.

There are so many fitness and nutrition products out there promising to give you instant abs or make fat disappear. Well, we’re not into that. We’re into making every day better with products that improve brain function, gut health, immune system, and energy levels. Let’s get you feeling your best.

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Train harder. Train Legit.

Supplements that don’t cut corners on ingredients, quality, and taste — that’s the inspiration behind Legit Supplements. No fancy packaging, no filler ingredients, and no chalky taste — you don’t need any of that to improve your daily nutrition.

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    How We Started

    Legit Supplements started when Ricky Hall, a long-time entrepreneur in the nutrition industry, wanted to create a no-fuss, just-quality supplement line to stock his nutrition stores. Started in 2017, Legit Supplements is now the go-to seller in all NutritionHQ locations across America and is accessible online with quick delivery.

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    Legit, Clean Ingredients

    From our ingredients to our formulations to our Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification, our whole priority is supplements that work, taste good, and aren’t packed with sugars and fillers. Create a daily nutrition routine that improves your daily health, mood, energy levels, and immune system.

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