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Digestive Enzymes, Always Necessary & Often Forgotten

Legit’s new “biotic” blend includes a comprehensive array of the major digestive enzymes. Digestive enzymes are made by the body (often in the pancreas and intestines) to help break down certain foods. As we age, the body no longer produces the enzymes in the proper amount, and sometimes not at all. We have difficulty getting the job done without the enzyme to break down the food. Lack of a particular enzyme can lead to gas, bloating, loose or runny stools & more when specific foods are eaten.

A great example that many can relate to is lactose intolerance. It is nearly a catchphrase now… so let’s break it down (pun intended). In this case, “intolerance” is the body not tolerating the food. It can’t break it down and process it. “Lactose” is a form of sugar found in milk (giving milk its sweet flavor) and dairy products. Add the two, which means the body can’t tolerate dairy. This happens when the body stops producing the enzyme “lactase”. The small intestines produce lactase. We are genetically programmed to stop needing lactase when we are able to live off solid food. For many of us, the shutdown is early & for a good reason. Humans are the only mammals that continue to drink milk or consume dairy products often throughout their lives. Think about it; we use the milk of another animal long after we are designed to do so. What could go wrong? The human body is impressive and can often adapt to this unique situation. For those who don’t or only partially adapt, supplemented digestive enzymes step in when the body does not produce the needed enzyme properly.

One fascinating case I read years ago involving lactose tolerance vs. intolerance went as follows. A 30-something healthy male would have a cup of yogurt every morning with breakfast for years. One day, with seemingly no other illness or biological stressors, severe gas, and bloating occurred after his morning yogurt. After several consecutive days of this experience, he cut the yogurt, and as predicted, the symptoms stopped immediately. The lactose issue increased in severity until his ability to eat even the smallest amount of dairy was questionable. Did I mention he loved cheese? The guy was a cheese-eating machine. After several months he realized his cheese eating was incrementally increasing, and he decided to try yogurt once again. After experiencing minimal discomfort, he continued with daily yogurt and shared the story with his doctor. She offered the idea of digestive enzymes to seal the deal, and now he has zero discomforts in enjoying his comfort foods. It is interesting that his body shut off the production of lactase and later restarted. I wonder if he knew about digestive enzymes before his original yogurt issue. The moral of the story, supplemental digestive enzymes work and, in this case, was doctor approved.

Here is the shameless plug I mentioned above for “HealthyGI Plus+”… Through extensive research, Legit has found a blend of digestive enzymes that will help mimic optimal natural digestion. When enzymes are combined with a superior Pre/Pro/Post biotics formula, a synergy of digestive perfection is born. One size does not fit all, so we decided to try to cover all the bases. Legit’s unique blend of enzymes and biotics is a complete spectrum of comprehensive digestive aids. We are sure you will agree. Stay Healthy & Stay Legit.

Strictly opinion and not medical advice. Consult your doctor, pharmacist and/or nutritionist before starting/stopping any supplement or exercise program

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