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Get some sun… Get some D… Kill viruses… that escalated quickly

Ok, we all know that sunlight gets converted to vitamin D by the human body.  The closer to the equator the more intense the sun and the less sun exposure required to get some vitamin D conversion.  Now think about the US map and look at Baltimore, the 39th parallel (basically the Mason-Dixon line in the United States) as our cut off line… if you live north of it you will NEED to supplement vitamin D or have a diet super high in vitamin D in order to stay healthy against viruses. If you are south of it and spend a lot of time outdoors you will need less D from diet and supplementation.  It has been suggested that we all take a supplement of Vitamin D or get it via a wonderful multivitamin like Legit’s Alkalinity Multivitamin.

Vitamin D is absolutely key to staying healthy when you come in contact with a virus. More than 76% of all people hospitalized because of covid were moderately to extremely deficient in vitamin D. That should tell you something right there my friends. Vitamin D has been know for decades as a “virus killer” in the nutrition world for decades. For those of us in the know, covid was not quite so scary. Armed with Vitamin D and Ivermectin I didn’t lose sleep at all. Ivermectin is a different topic for another day.  As for Vitamin D, we can all agree it has great health benefits and it is very inexpensive. So, take it and be healthier, AND according to some of the big brains out there Vitamin D may just be something everyone really needs in the fight against Covid(and other viruses including the seasonal flu).  Don’t believe me?  Well, please read on amigo…

According to Harvard, yup even Harvard is bowing down to the evidence now:

“A new global collaborative study has confirmed that vitamin D supplementation can help protect against acute respiratory infections. The study, a participant data meta-analysis of 25 randomized controlled trials including more than 11,000 participants, has been published online in The BMJ.

“Most people understand that vitamin D is critical for bone and muscle health,” said Carlos Camargo of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the study’s senior author. “Our analysis has also found that it helps the body fight acute respiratory infection(including Covid), which is responsible for millions of deaths globally each year.”

Several observational studies, which track participants over time without assigning a specific treatment, have associated low vitamin D levels with greater susceptibility to acute respiratory infections.”

Still don’t believe me… Well, read on mein freund…

WebMD decided to take a stroll down Vitamin D road…

“Vitamin D and COVID-19

While vitamin D boosts your immune system and eases inflammation, experts say more research is needed on its antiviral properties.

Several studies indicate that those with low vitamin D levels are at increased risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection and have worse clinical outcomes after infection.

And high levels of vitamin D might lower your risk for severe COVID-19 infection.”

Still don’t believe me min ven?

Let’s hear what Cambridge has to say as they weigh in on the topic…

“The active form of vitamin D has effects on both innate and adaptive immune responses that may influence the outcome in many infectious diseases. Observational studies conclusively show that a low vitamin D status is associated with an increased occurrence of respiratory viral infections, which globally represent significant health and financial burdens.”

That’s it, you heard if from me and some medical “experts”.  I recommend, as always, to talk to a nutritionist and pharmacist (for any drug interactions) because one size does not fit all. Next time at ye old family doc ask for vitamin D levels to be checked during routine blood draws. This has become more common practice over the last decade especially in our older generation. I suggest everyone check on D levels.

Get some Vitamin D, Don’t get a virus… Stay Healthy & Stay Legit.

Strictly opinion and not medical advice. Consult your doctor, pharmacist and/or nutritionist before starting/stopping any supplement or exercise program.

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