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Inspiration… Please keep me moving forward

Keep yourself motivated, keep yourself inspired. Any health or fitness goal is not easy and it will take time. And always remember, in the beginning your peers will ask you “why are you doing it” and when they see the changes the will ask “how”.

Life is worth living, that’s for sure. Living your best life makes it even better. From weight loss goals to weight gain goals, from sickness to health, whatever the transformation it will be worth it.

Take your time, because it takes time

Setting realistic goals for yourself on a realistic time line is essential for your success of any goal. It is imperative to live your life to the fullest and enjoy your journey towards a new you. There will be slips, setbacks, times when gains are slow coming. There will be times when you are firing on all cylinders and gains are coming fast. All of it is OK, all of it is in your master plan. Don’t get discouraged when “it” isn’t happening fast enough. Enjoy yourself everyday. Make your work outs fun, switch them up. Don’t be too hard on  yourself.

Imagine this scenario. You step out to of the house to go to the gym on a beautiful afternoon and a rainbow fills the sky. Maybe, just maybe that is God telling you to go back, get your dog and head to the park for a long “run, walk, jog” or a quick trip up the trail. The gym can wait for  a rainy day. Your dog will thank you for it and so will your soul. I am not telling you to be lazy about your program or to skip workouts all the time. Sometimes, take a breath and take a break. This is about changing your lifestyle from unhealthy to healthy, this about the rest of your long and wonderful life. Enjoy every step you take and focus on taking a few steps towards your goal everyday. If you are enjoying your transformation to health you will not get discouraged or derailed by a small diversion.

Find what inspires you

What is it exactly that motivates you? What inspires you towards that special goal you set for yourself? It is a very simple question on the surface. Not so simple when you let your mind loose on it. Your mind is crazy powerful, it can make changes in you that you are not capable of understanding until the changes begin. On the flip side… your mind can stop you in your tracks and derail the whole program. Keeping your head happy is key. Inspiration comes in many forms. Maybe the dream off fitting into those jeans again is enough to keep you going for a while, but think bigger than that. WAY BIGGER! Eventually, inspiration becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. You will find inspiration towards your goal everywhere and temptation will diminish until it is maybe just a little treat you allow yourself on the weekend.

As your lifestyle becomes more healthy and becomes more routine you will adapt to want more of it because of how you feel. You are starting to feel really good, starting to look really good. Changes are obvious, compliments are starting to come more frequently. You will now look back over the last few months or years and say, “wow, I am so very happy I decided to make that change a year ago”.

Visualization Techniques

There are ton of books out there and YouTube videos about “visualization” to help achieve your goals.  I encourage you to explore this avenue to help you achieve health and wellness goals you set for yourself. Done properly, visualization can get your mind 100% engaged in your process and make it your most powerful ally. The Chicago Bulls, when Michael Jordan helped carry them to numerous championships, use visualization techniques to play more cohesively as a team.  Clearly it worked for them. Another basketball related experiment was done with novice players. Each participant was asked to shoot 100 times from the free throw line and record how many baskets they made. This gave them their starting percentage of accuracy. The group was then divided into two random, different squads. For 8 weeks group 1 shot 100 shots, 3x per week from the free throw line and group 2 visualized shooting 100 shots from the free throw line 3x per week. Yup, you guessed it… after 8 weeks both groups saw nearly exactly the same improvement percentages. After exploring this topic a bit I found a theme that runs throughout most of the books and videos is that your mind doesn’t differentiate between the visualization and the physical activity. Practice and mental practice makes perfect.  Make your mind believe you are 20 lbs lighter and maybe it will help you achieve that goal along with lots of trips to the gym.

A wise man, Dr. Michael Colgan, said in his book “Optimum Sports Nutrition” that “nothing tastes as good as lean and mean feels”.  Thinking about that quote makes me realize that when your perception changes about what is most important in your life and you follow that new path/dream, you can not be stopped in obtaining your goal.

To get started get on and stay on Legit’s Alkalinity Multivitamin and start to eat a little healthier each week. Eventually you will have a very healthy diet and that will always be your foundation of whatever else you choose to do.

You are wonderful, you are beautiful inside and out… stay healthy & stay legit


Strictly opinion and not medical advice. Consult your doctor, pharmacist and/or nutritionist before starting/stopping any supplement or exercise program.

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