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Belly Fat Bustin’ with AMPK powered by Hesperidin

Destroy belly fat and so much more with increased AMPK. As we age we run into trouble with a lot of things. Belly fat is one of them for a lot of people. AMPK is an enzyme responsible for fat metabolism & glucose regulation within the cells. As we age the activity of this particular enzyme goes down, for some it goes way down.
Now for the good news. There is a all natural compound that helps activate AMPK. Enter Hesperidin, a plant flavonoid found in citrus fruits in substantial amounts. NOT FRUIT JUICE. Do some reading on just how bad OJ(especially without pulp) is for adults and the liver. You just probably may never drink it again. Certainly there will be no screwdrivers in your immediate future.
Besides lighting up our AMPK, Hesperidin helps us by inhibiting absorption of dietary fat during digestion. It helps in the body’s production of a number of enzymes that help break down fat and those that store it.
In a decent study, 40 amateur athletes were given 500mg of hesperidin or a placebo while maintaining their normal diet and exercise routines. Amazingly the hesperidin group decreased by an average of 3.7% body fat in 8 weeks.
In a clinical trial for a metabolic condition the results were interesting in that biomarkers for inflammation and vascular function showed significant improvement after 3 weeks.
Hesperidin, in very short order can help burn belly fat, reduce inflammation and improve vascular health. Both of the mentioned studies were based on 500mg daily hesperidin intake.

Based on the studies, it is probably safe to say that for healthy adults hesperidin at 500mg a day is safe and effective.  As always my recommendation is to always try the most natural way first, so I would go with increasing your citrus intake. If all seems ok with that or if you already hit the citrus hard it may be worth discussing with a nutritionist and/or pharmacist (especially if on any medication) to see if giving hesperidin capsules a try is right for you.

Eat citrus, Stay Healthy & Stay Legit.

Strictly opinion and not medical advice. Consult your doctor, pharmacist and/or nutritionist before starting/stopping any supplement or exercise program




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