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Boost Testosterone and MUCH MORE with this all natural compound

Chrysin, a plant flavonoid, is a great testosterone booster that packs on so many benefits.

Today we are looking at a handful of great benefits from this extract from mint and also found in bee honey and glue as well as some other plants. The main source of chrysin used in today’s industry is from mint. After reading this blog you will realize why we were sure chrysin made our list of ingredients in our new Testosterone formula due out in May of 2023… you will thank us, so you are very welcome in advance.

First we will look at testosterone and other associated male reproduction benefits. Empirical evidence shows a substantial increase in testosterone with orally ingested chrysin. One interesting point is dose levels in testing vary with little benefit to over consumption and virtually zero side effects even with larger doses. 75mg of chrysin is indicated as an extremely effective amount when consumed at night and introduced to the body along side both zinc and magnesium. We can extrapolate that “double the dose, double the gains” will not apply to chrysin. So, taking extra will do you now good and thankfully will cause no harm except to your wallet. There is a direct correlation between use of chrysin and fertility in men as well. It increase healthy sperm count and decreases sub optimal sperm production.

The use of chrysin has a direct impact on diabetes and related issues with diabetes. In a rat study it helped level glucose and insulin into a normal range. In other studies it was found to help reduce the side effects of diabetes such as fat levels, oxidative damage to the heart, brain, liver and pancreas. Chrysin reduces proteinura (protein in the urine) by increase the filtration rate/efficiency.

There is some evidence that suggests chrysin can help with memory and cogitative function.  It can protect the brain as an antioxidant and some believe can actually help reduce damage done to brain tissue by toxic compounds such as acrylamide.

It has been shown to reduce inflammation in unique areas of the body such as lung tissue, thus reducing asthma symptoms in some. Personally I reach for quercetin  for any lung inflammation especially during cold and flu season. Quercetin is another plant bioflavonoid so it is no wonder that both would have some overlap in benefits.

Did I mention it may also help suppress free estrogen in males as well. By slightly suppressing the estrogen while spiking testosterone users get a big benefit in test levels without bloating or looking puffy. Legit chooses ingredients wisely and our new testosterone booster will be not only a great booster but will also make the male reproductive system better functioning and healthier over all.

Blow up your Testosterone… Stay Healthy & Stay Legit

Strictly opinion and not medical advice. Consult your doctor, pharmacist and/or nutritionist before starting/stopping any supplement or exercise program

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