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CoQ10, what you need to know if you are on Statins…

 Statins are a class of prescription drugs designed to lower high cholesterol. Although statins are very effective, they’re not for everybody. Statins can cause side effects including muscle pain, nausea & diarrhea, liver/kidney damage, increased blood sugar levels and type 2 diabetes AND more. Statins DECREASE the level of CoQ10 in the body. CoQ10 is a powerful anti-oxidant that has been linked to proper healthy function of the lungs, skin, brain, heart, liver and kidneys to name a few. Pretty much your major organs and your entire body loves CoQ10 and is always happy with more. CoQ10 supplementation functions as a natural aid in lowering cholesterol and improving heart health. While there aren’t enough studies to confirm how well it works to do this, we all know it does work so it is best to combine CoQ10 with statins for better results. Taking CoQ10 supplements can help increase your CoQ10 levels and may reduce statin side effects. If you are using statins please consider the great benefits of supplementing with CoQ10. If your statin dose is small and your cholesterol is not too elevated consider discussing the use of Red Yeast Rice with your doctor to avoid the statin side effects. It works, if your doctor says it doesn’t get a 2nd opinion or consider a new doctor.

Try to get off statins, Stay Healthy & Stay Legit

Strictly opinion and not medical advice. Consult your doctor, pharmacist and/or nutritionist before starting/stopping any supplement or exercise program

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